Dental Bridges

mgill_3We use Chameleon Fortress Zi All-Zirconia crowns and bridges.

Unparalleled Flexural Strength.

All-ceramic alternative designed specifically to meet posterior high load demands.

Monolithic, solid medical grade Zirconia crowns, bridges or inlays without the porcelain overlay.

Hard sintered flexural strength of up to 1100 MPa.

Virtually unbreakable, excellent long-term durability for bruxers and grinders.

Perfect for tight, minimal clearance situations.

Traditional, conservative cast gold preparation.

Occlusal reduction as little as 0.7 mm far less than standard PFM or layered Zirconia / Porcelain restorations.

Feather edge margins can be employed (shoulder preparations not required).

Created with latest advancements in digital technologies.

Designed directly from your digital impression files – or normal impressions and models.

CAD/CAM milled for virtually perfect contacts, fit and easy seating.

Use conventional cementation. Look to TEREC for exceptionally strong and aesthetic Chameleon Fortress© Zi Crowns & Bridges.

High-Translucency for excellent aesthetics.

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